Friday, September 30, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Here are some interesting mistakes on this movie. Watch out for them! :)
  • When Beckett boards the Dutchman and speaks to Jones, he has very noticeable dark facial stubble, but bizarrely, in his next close-up he is actually clean shaven, his wig curl has shrunk and his eyebrow hair is neater.
  • After the military attack Sao Feng's residence, when Elizabeth is seen fighting amid the melee the black spandex-like shorts are visible under her robe as she kicks up.
  • In numerous shots modern bobbypins (the white kind brides wear on their headdress) are clearly visible inside the curls of the men's white wigs. For instance, they can be seen when Norrington is reunited with his sword; later when he dies; when Beckett talks about the immaterial becoming immaterial; finally, when he says, "It's just good business," as the Pearl and Dutchman fire on Endeavor. The type of 'hair pin' seen in the wig curls did not exist in the mid 18th century.